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Protein is probably your number one ingredient when it comes to trying to attain the physique you have always wanted.

Amino Acids are the building blocks of which new muscle and every cell in your body is constructed of. That is why it is always critically important to select premium protein sources to repair , build and maintain your muscular structure.

Building muscle is fundamentally important to long term fat loss and enhance metabolism.

The protein we have selected are of highest quality and will be sure to advance you closer to your physique and training goals.

Fast absorbing proteins such as wheys are generally consumed at 2 most critical times in the day, this is UPON FIRST RISING in the morning and then the most critical which would be immediately following your workout.Whey protein however is very flexible and can be consumed at any time the individual feels they have not consumed eneough tissue proteins.

Slow release proteins can be taken anytime but in the instance of MICELLAR CASEIN this is best consumed before bed, or mid afternoon or morning.

Again the Caseins provide a welcome addition in making sure you reach your desired level of protein intake daily so as to enhance muscle gain, maintain and repair .


PRE WORKOUTS are a really useful tool in helping you reach closer to your physique goals, they enable the user to experience a greater level of training intensity for a greater period of time.
They are pretty much in 2 formats, Non Concentrates and Concentrates,
Concentrates provide the user normally with good focus and intense energy couple with good cognition in the workout.

Non Concentrates are generally much bigger tubs such as our PNS PRE-DATOR and PNS KILLER preworkout, these not only give you an amazing level of training intensity and enduarnce but also much greater levels of pump in the muscle and increase in strength levels. Muscles need grammage of ingredients for this the bigger scoop sizes 15g and up will do this.

We have selected a really great diverse buch of PREWORKOUTS for your enjoyment.


A Fatburner is a very welcome addition to anybody who is looking to burn and strip off fat in the shortest possible time frame.

Most fatburners on the market today work through ingredients which are shown to increase levels of heat produced in the cells of the body, known as THERMOGENESIS users may experience rapid drops in bodyfat and heighetened feelings of energy, feelings of well being and in some cases reduced sensation of hunger and cravings for bad/sweet food.

Branch Chain Amino Acids BCAA'S

BCAA’S have become very popular nowadays with everybody looking for the edge with recuperation and repair as well as limiting muscle tissue catabolism.

BCAA’S are great to signal protein synthesis, aid blood flow and improving muscle reapir and retention in times of caloric deficit or increased training intensity.


As we age we may experience increases in body fat and decreases in hormonal body output leading to lethargy & ack of drive, decreased strength and recuperation time.

TESTOSTERONE BOOSTERS have been shown to increase androgen levels so with a positive increase in androgens the individual should improve, rate of muscle bulding, strength, SEX DRIVE and recuparative ability between your workouts, and give an enhanced feeling of well ness and mood in some individuals.


Micro nutrients like vitamins and minerals are required in small even minute quantities and are also to beconsumed preferably daily.Vitamins are vitally important to the smooth functioning of the human body on a cellular level and are involved in everything from mind to muscle.

The multivitamins will make sure they fill in any loop holes left from ones diet due to our hectic schedules and bad food choices, keeping you fit and healthy and able to train another day.

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