THE P.N.S Cardio and Training System

At P.N.S we believe in a system that incorporates all the latest cutting edge training technology and providing it in an easy to follow program that educates you for life, in order for you to achieve that body you have always wanted.

Giving you the knowledge, so you will be permanently enriched.

To achieve results the quickest P.N.S suggests that you should incorporate a combination of strength & cardiovascular training at each & every training session. This will enable the simultaneous action of building/toning muscle and also the oxidative loss of body fat.

Let us now educate you as to why we emphasize the strength/weight training component as vitally important for your success for now and the rest of your life.

You must first comprehend the fact that it is your muscular system that dictates your resting metabolic rate (your ability to burn energy at rest while not exercising)
Obviously the higher the R.M.R the more fat that will be burnt, even at rest.

Muscle cells are the furnaces where by immediate energy and stored energy and in particular fat is utilized in energy production, so the more muscle one has the better your metabolism should be.

Just to exist muscles consume energy, more muscle, more energy consumed and more fat that is burnt. Muscle is your friend, embrace it.

There are 3 known body types or somatotypes that exist in Humankind


Generally rather skinny ,fine boned , low muscle mass, battles to put on muscle, fast metabolism.


Sluggish metabolism, can build muscle but battles to lose fat , generally big boned & well rounded with narrow shoulders & high body fat levels.


Builds and maintains muscle easily, relatively low body fat, good metabolism, strong medium frame with broad shoulders.

Unfortunately even if you are an ectomorph or a mesomorph, it does not mean you are immune to picking up body fat. You see, as we age, lean muscle mass decreases every decade. And if we are sedentary, the picture is even worse becuase calorie consumption stays the same (or increases) and slowly turns us into the endomorphic state .

That is why it is so important that we maintain our lean muscle mass, especially as we age. Remember that if you “do not use it you will surely lose it”. Male and female weight training is similar with obvious differences being size of weight being moved. Use what is comfortable for your individual, size ,strength and fitness level.

No matter what your body type, these guidelines should always be adhered to.