Ectomorphs tend to have a small, rather skinny frame. They generally have low muscle mass and battle to gain muscle. Ectomorphs tend to have a fast metabolism.

It is however in all our capabilities through utilizing scientific principles of diet and training like those outlined by P.N.S that we can all progress towards the Mesomorph somatotype . By utilizing the P.N.S cardio and weight training system developed for Ectomorphs , we are positive you will achieve your mesomorphic state at a rapid rate.

This programme will help you to gain lean muscle mass and lose accumulated body fat.

MONDAY BICEPS, TRICEPS and ABS followed by cardiovascular training for 20 min @ 65% of max heart rate
WEDNESDAY LEGS: QUADS, HAMS and CALVES followed by 10 min H.I.I.T cardio training
FRIDAY BACK, SHOULDERS, TRAPS and CALVES followed by 20 min consistent cardio
SATURDAY / SUNDAY This is your rest day, but try to incorporate some form of fun, physical activity.

We have incorporated weight training here, three times a week as well as specific cardio, which is also to be done three times a week. Cardio training on Monday and Friday are done at a constant rate of 65% of max heart rate for 20 min and is to be done after your weight training session.

Begin with 2, light warm up sets followed by 3 working sets. For warm up sets, use a weight that is only heavy enough to induce blood flow to the targeted area. On first working set use a weight @ approximately 40% of your max for approximately 12-15 reps.

Pyramid up in weight @ about 20% increments, so that on your last set, you would perform your heaviest set @80% of your max weight. In essence, you should achieve +- 6-8 reps. Rest long enough to merely catch your breath and not for longer.

Cardio training on Wednesday is for 10 min only in the H.I.I.T fashion (see below), followed directly after weight training.

H.I.I.T stands for High Intensity Interval Training and has been proven to be the most efficient at burning the most amount of fat in the least amount of time. To determine your intensity levels, first establish a level that is at 65% of your Max heart rate.

To determine your heart rate – subtract your age from 220 (males) or 226 (females).

Stay at that level for 2 minutes, on the next 2 minutes increase the intensity level to 90% of your max and hold it there. At the end of another two minutes come back down to 65% and recover for further two minutes. Repeat this sequence for the prescribed duration.

You can use the stationery bike, elliptical trainer, the treadmill, the stepper and the rowing machine at different occasions to minimize boredom.