Training Exercises

We have only selected the most proven and basic exercises, which stimulate deep into the muscle tissue to provide fat oxidation, toning and the building of muscle. perform exercises in order.

1. Barbell or dumbbell press on an incline bench.

2. Flat dumbbell or barbell on a flat bench

3. Dumbell flyes . Rotate weekly with the incline bench or flat bench.

1. Straight or cambered bar curls/EZ Bar.

2. Seated upright or incline dumbbell hammer curls ,perform alternately or simultaneously .Hold dumbbell palms facing toward you.

1. One arm concentration curls or seated machine curls.

  1. Seated machine shoulder press or seated dumbbell shoulder press or seated smith machine barbell press- to the front-not behind the head.
  2. Dumbell rear delt flyes-seated or standing bent at forty five degrees to isolate the back portion of muscle on the shoulder.
  3. Dumbell side lateral raises- seated or standing
  4. Dumbell or barbell front raises- for the front portion of the shoulder.
  1. Lying tricep extensions- use the cambered/EZ bar
  2. Dumbell rear delt flyes-seated or standing bent at forty five degrees to isolate the back portion of muscle on the shoulder.
  3. Tricep dips- use machine or dip bars.
  4. Standing tricep pressdown.
  5. Optional- Standing rope pressdowns pulled out to the side at full extension,(bottom of movement.)
  1. Warm up 5 min stationery bike
  2. Dumbell rear delt flyes-seated or standing bent at forty five degrees to isolate the back portion of muscle on the shoulder.
  3. 2nd warm up ,seated quadriceps extension- very light.
  4. Forty five degree incline –leg press.
  5. Smith machine barbell squats
  6. Standing alternating leg lunges in a stationery position
  1. Lying leg curl.
  2. Standing leg curls, alternating individual legs.
  3. Standing bent over stiff legged deadlift –use either a barbell or dumbbells.
  1. Seated machine calf raises.
  2. Standing calf raises- or use leg press –legs should have a slight bend
  3. OPTIONAL-donkey calf raises
  1. Seated lat pull downs to the front
  2. One arm dumbbell rows ,alternating each arm
  3. Seated close grip cable rows
  4. Dumbbell or Barbelle shrugs (compulsory men, optional women)
  1. Roman chair situps( for overall abs) or kneeling cable crunches
  2. Crunches-for top abs
  3. Lying off the bench leg raises-for lower abs

As an endomorph your body type will try to get the better of you every time, but through the P.N.S training and cardio system, your hard work and with the diet you too can move towards the mesomorph body type.

The training here consists of weight training 3 times a week and intense cardio 6 times a week always followed after weight training.

With weight training, which should be completed first, limit yourself to 2 light warm up sets and 4 working sets for each body part worked.

With your warm up sets use a weight that is heavy enough to induce blood flow but not heavy enough to fatigue the targeted muscle.

Start the first set at approximately 40% of your max weight, pyramiding up at 5% increments aim your rep range between 20 on lighter sets and 15 for heavier sets. Only rest long enough to catch your breath. Move quickly through your sets keeping your intensity up burning the most possible calories and hence fat!

The cardiovascular training will be done in the H.I.I.T style, in order for you to lose the most amount of body fat in the shortest time. Continue for a full forty five minutes. On your Saturday away from the gym perhaps go for a brisk walk varying your pace in the H.I.I.T manner.

H.I.I.T stands for High Intensity Interval Training and has been proven to be the most efficient at burning the most amount of fat in the least amount of time. To determine your intensity levels, first establish a level that is at 65% of your Max heart rate.

To determine your heart rate – subtract your age from 220 (males) or 226 (females).

Stay at that level for 2 minutes, on the next 2 minutes increase the intensity level to 90% of your max and hold it there. At the end of another two minutes come back down to 65% and recover for further two minutes. Repeat this sequence for the prescribed duration.

You can use the stationery bike, elliptical trainer, the treadmill, the stepper and the rowing machine at different occasions to minimize boredom.